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Boho Baby is your local children's resale boutique with a bohemian vibe. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and fair prices, while supporting conscious, sustainable consumerism, local artists, ethical and eco-friendly brands. 


Boho Baby's secondary mission is to provide connections in the parenting/family-centered community.  We are always happy to share resources and support causes that are relevant to our customer-base.

Consume with purpose
Celebrate our differences

Our Mission

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Our Story

Spending time in Nepal changed the lens through which I viewed my own environment and consumer practices.  It's astounding how much stuff we think we need, in particular how pervasive the baby/child, consumer culture is.  The concept of conscious- consumerism became paramount in my day-to-day life.  "Conscious- consumerism" can mean different things to different people.  For me, it meant reusing, buying second-hand when possible, and only buying something when you absolutely need it or LOVE it. 

Boho Baby came to life when I was home with my two young children.  A friend of mine had no idea what to do with all the baby items her son had grown out of, and I agreed to help her sell it.  The concept of selling gently-loved items was new to her, but as a thrifting enthusiast, it became a welcome challenge for me!  I gradually started selling things for more friends on swap sites, and eventually needed a space for inventory.  Boho Baby essentially became a brick-and-mortar organically. 

I am grateful to the team of dedicated women who have been with the store since the beginning.  Our growth would not have been possible without them, and speaks to the need and interest of our local community in conscious consumerism and supporting a local small business.  The Boho Baby Team is proud and honored to be able to provide you with a valuable service in our little Vermont town. 

Thank you for your interest in Boho Baby.  We hope to meet you soon!


With Grattitude,


Owner and Boho Mama

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