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Make An Intake Appointment

Customers looking to sell on weekdays must first make an appointment online.

Drop-offs are still allowed on weekends. Please review our procedure HERE.


Boho Baby is implementing intake changes to ever-increasing intake volumes and a shortage of donation outlets.

Please see the changes below:

*Intake is by appointment only on weekdays, and drop-off only on weekends.

Please use the calendly app to schedule your appointment below. 

  • We reserve the right to reschedule an appointment if there is an unexpected change (staffing) and will let the seller know asap. Appointments are 30 minutes long.

  • Buy-outright is NOT totaled on the spot. We will communicate an offer to you after the fact. Payouts can be done through Venmo, store credit, cash or check.

  • Please limit your intake to a max of two standard-size bins (64-66 quart, 16” wide by 13” high.) Please no oversize bins or garbage bags. Reusable shopping bags/cardboard boxes/paper bags must fit into a max of two standard-size bins. 

  • Weekend drop-offs: Please sign in on our sign-in sheet, fill out a half-sheet (designating EITHER consignment or buy-outright) and place it inside your bin. Write your last name on a white sticker and place it on the second bin if you have one. Larger gear items must be approved on the spot. This might require waiting until an associate can look it over. Once it has been approved, please write your last name on a white sticker and place it on your gearitem(s).

Which one is right for me? 

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