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Selling With Us

Want to give your child's belongings a new life? We'd love to take a look!  Customers must now make an appointment to sell their items on weekdays, or opt to drop-off their items on weekends following the procedure below.


All customers looking to sell their items on weekdays must now make an appointment 

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Items are looked through and selected then priced under the
consignor’s account. Please allow 10-14 days for your items to be
priced and put on the floor.
● Consignors will receive 40% of the price (set by Boho Baby) when an item sells
● Consignors may request a payout at any time or use their balance in
the store. If used as store credit they will receive 10% of their
balance extra. For example if a consignor has a payout of $50 they
would receive an additional $5 when using store credit.
● Consignors do not need to choose whether they want cash or store
credit as both are always an option when there is a balance.
● Items expire after 150 days from the time they are entered/priced
in the consignor’s account. Items can be picked up before
expiration but it is the consignor’s responsibility to locate the items
in the store. If the items are not retrieved before they expire they
simply become store inventory and the consignor will not receive
credit after that point.
● We are unable to contact consignors when their items are near
expiration. We recommend setting a reminder in your calendar or
checking in frequently!

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Buy Outright

Items are looked through and selected the same as they would be
for consignment.
● We will send an offer for the lot via text or email if preferred. Please respond to the offer promptly so we can finish processing the items.
● If you accept our offer, cash (under $50) or a check can be picked
up at the store. Or we can also send payment through paypal or
● Items accepted for buy outright include clothing, footwear,
outerwear, toys and accessories. We do not offer buy outright on
gear such as strollers, high chairs, bassinets etc.

We carefully review your items based on the following criteria: season, condition, aesthetic, and need.

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