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Selling With Us

Want to give your child's belongings a new life? We'd love to take a look!  Customers must now make an appointment to sell their items on weekdays, or opt to drop-off their items on weekends following the procedure below.


All customers looking to sell their items on weekdays must now make an appointment 

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-Consignor's account accrues as items sell (more $ than B.O.)

40% for items paid out by check

50% for items exchanged for store credit

-Items expire after 150 days.  Consignor may pick them up at this time (Boho team does not pull them for you), or leave them.  They simply become property of the store after 150 days.  You don't HAVE to pick them up. 

- Gear (bassinets, seats, high chairs etc) is consignment only 

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Buy Outright

-Items are looked through and selected

-Selected items are totaled (after-the-fact. Not at time of appointment)

-$ offer is sent via text (or email if preferred)

-$ can be picked up in store via check or cash under $50, or sent via Venmo or paypal once offer is accepted. 

-Items include:

Clothing, Footwear, Outerwear, Toys and Accessories.

We carefully review your items based on the following criteria: season, condition, aesthetic, and need.

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