Selling With Us

Want to give your child's belongings a new life? We'd love to take a look! We offer two options for selling your clothing: Buy Outright and Consignment. Learn about our process below. 

Folding Clothes


Dropping Off

We're looking for clothing, footwear, accessories, outerwear, and toys. 


(We also accept the following for consignment: maternity, gear, diaper bags, and carriers.) 

Our intake process is self-serve.When arriving, please complete our intake form with your information and preferences included. (See selling hours!)


Sellers must select Buy-Outright OR consignment at time of drop-off. Buy-Outright customers receive an offer within 48 hours. It is NOT a set percentage, but a total for the items that we accept. It is less than what we offer for consignment, but it is all upfront. 

Customers are allotted TWO BINS or FOUR SHOPPING BAGS per week. Reusable bags or bins are our preferred drop off containers. PLEASE NO TRASH BAGS!



Your items will be reviewed within three days. 

We will inspect your items to see what we think we might be able to sell.

We are looking for gently-loved items.  No stains, rips, working zippers, buttons, etc!  See our favorite brands here.



Pickup "Passed-on" Items

The items we passed on, your "passes", are returned to their original bag/bin and brought to the back, ready for pickup. 

We have found, after years of trying different intake methods, that the drop-off system is the most sustainable.  We will NOT contact you when your items are ready.  We offer a flexible return period in exchange for being flexible with dropping off. 

We donate passes that have not been picked up within a week to a few local (non-profit) organizations.  If you know it will be longer than a week before you can get back to pickup, just let us know. 

For Buy Outright customers, we will email you an offer once we have totaled your items within 48 hours.   We offer convenient payout methods that include Paypal, Venmo, or in store by check! 


Ready To Be Sold

Your items will be placed on the floor, ready for their new home! Consignors should expect a 14 day turn-around from receipt of items until they get on the floor. 

Consignors can check back on their account while shopping or by calling, anytime. 

After 150 days, consignors are welcome to retrieve their unsold items OR their will be automatically converted to the store's inventory (you will no longer receive credit for them when sold).


Which one is right for me? 

Consignment Buy Outright Venn Diagram (1).png