gently-loved clothing and paraphernalia for little free-thinkers

Gently-loved clothing and paraphernalia for little free-thinkers

Gently-love clothing and paraphernalia for little free-thinkers

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Our shop is reopen for in-store shoppping! Our "Covid hours" are:


Monday-Saturday 10-5

Sunday 11-5

Masks are required.  We appreciate your cooperation with this.  Other than that everything is the same old Boho! 

Consignment during COVID:

We are accepting consignments daily during store hours.  Please limit your drop-offs to two bins/four shopping bags (ish). (not including gear).

Boho Baby News (Email from 7/5)

Happy Summer!  First off, we want to express our immense gratitude for supporting us through the shutdown and since our re-opening.  We are weathering the storm and have you to thank!  Our Blair Park location was a great move for us, Covid and all, and we look forward to continuing to offer you great deals on quality gently-loved pieces.

As we continue to grow and have more inventory coming in than ever, we are making some changes (again!):

We are bringing back BUY-OUTRIGHT as an option.  Buy-outright is different from consignment in that we offer money upfront for the items we choose to take, whereas consignment you receive 40% cash or 50% store credit when your item sells. Your account accrues as your items sell.  You can then do a payout at any time or use your credit in the store.  Here’s the gist:


How much do I get with buy-outright? 


  • We will offer you a price for the lot of items we take. 

  • There is no “set percentage” as there is with consignment.  

  • We don’t itemize.  The amount we offer is for the whole lot.  


Do you buy outright for everything?


  • No.  Maternity, gear, carriers and diaper bags are all still consignment only.  We offer buy outright for: clothing, outerwear, footwear, accessories, books and toys.  (**please note we will consign or buy-outright only certain items at our discretion).   


Which one should I do? I’m confused!


  • If you don’t want to bother checking in to see how your account is doing, we suggest buy- outright.  Bigger items that must be consigned are generally fewer and farther between, and therefore easier and quicker to sell/check in about.  

  • Frequent Boho shopper?  We suggest consignment so you can use store credit! If you’re a frequent flyer it also makes it easy to check up on your account. (Of course you can also buy outright and shop!)

  • Used to selling items yourself and/or are wanting to maximize your profit?  We suggest consignment. 


Okay, so sum it up…


  • Buy-Outright: less money but upfront. 

  • Consignment: more money, once item sells.  

A few other policy changes that are already active:


  • Please wear a mask when shopping in the store. 

  • We are no longer accepting intake in trash bags. Boxes, reusable or paper bags and plastic bins are okay.   Please be conscious and considerate of how your items are presented.  

  • This is a big one:  we are being inundated with passes that were never picked up.  We appreciate your flexibility with dropping off items for us to look over, and in return we generously offer a multi-day return-for-passes policy.  Loading up our vehicles and transporting donations is time and resource suck .  Starting the week of 7/13 we will be deducting $10 from your buyout/consignment account if we are left with having to donate your passes.  Please note that for us to payout for your items your passes must first be picked up.   Thank you!




34 Blair Park, Williston

(former location of Paper Peddlar, in the UPS/USPS building).

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