gently-loved clothing and paraphernalia for little free-thinkers

Gently-loved clothing and paraphernalia for little free-thinkers

Gently-love clothing and paraphernalia for little free-thinkers

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Store Hours:


Monday-Saturday 10-5

Sunday 11-4

Consigning Times:

Wednesday-Saturday 10-4:30, Sunday 11-3:30

No intake Mondays or Tuesdays starting 9/27

Welcome to Boho Baby!  Vermont's premier consignment shop for children sizes premie-14.  We buy and sell quality, cute and affordable clothing, outerwear, footwear, books, toys, gear, maternity, accessories and more! 

Selling with us works two ways: buy-outright and consignment.  Buy outright means cash on the spot and consignment means you get an account that accrues as your items sell. 


  • Buy-Outright: less money but upfront. 

  • Consignment: more money, once item sells.  


How much do I get with buy-outright? 


  • We will offer you a price for the lot of items we take. 

  • There is no “set percentage” as there is with consignment.  

  • We don’t itemize.  The amount we offer is for the whole lot.  


Do you buy outright for everything?


  • No.  Maternity, gear, carriers and diaper bags are all still consignment only.  We offer buy outright for: clothing, outerwear, footwear, accessories, books and toys.  (**please note we will consign or buy-outright only certain items at our discretion).   


Which one should I do? I’m confused!


  • If you don’t want to bother checking in to see how your account is doing, we suggest buy-outright.  Bigger items that must be consigned are generally fewer and farther between, and therefore easier and quicker to sell/check in about.  

  • Frequent Boho shopper?  We suggest consignment so you can use store credit! If you’re a frequent flyer it also makes it easy to check up on your account. (Of course you can also buy outright and shop!)

  • Used to selling items yourself and/or are wanting to maximize your profit?  We suggest consignment. 

Some other items

  • We are no longer accepting intake in trash bags. Boxes, reusable or paper bags and plastic bins are okay.    

  • This is a big one:  we are being inundated with passes that were never picked up.  We appreciate your flexibility with dropping off items for us to look over, and in return we generously offer a multi-day return-for-passes policy.  Loading up our vehicles and transporting donations takes a lot of time. We have started deducting $10 from your buyout/consignment account if we are left with having to donate your passes.


Thank you!


34 Blair Park, Williston

(former location of Paper Peddlar, in the UPS/USPS building).

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